Childrens' Homes in Ananda Nagar

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1) Uma Nivas Girls Home
2) Talmu
3) Kaoshiiki

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Uma Nivas Girls' Home

Uma Nivas Girls' Home The Uma Nivas Girls' Home is part of a larger women's community development project started in 1985 that seeks to empower women to take their rightful place in society, help them to better care for themselves, nurture their families and support their communities. Uma Nivas means "Abode of the Universal Mother". In addition to the Children's Home which presently houses 23 children, the project includes three primary schools and a girls' high school. There are girls' hostels to accommodate children from outlying villages, who could not otherwise attend school due to difficulties of transportation. Apart from the Uma Nivas Girls' High School, there is no girls' high school for miles around.

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Talmu Boys' Home

Talmu Home This project currently houses nine boys. For details about his home, see our profile of a typical home.

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Kaoshiiki Boys' Home

Kaoshiiki Home The monk who has been running this project has been in charge for 8 years. He is also responsibile for the neighboring school. The home boys do not have their own rooms. They stay in the hostel for the school children. The home is under construction. They need at least one room. The do not have a toilet either in the hostel or in the room under construction. They have to use the toilet at the school. Neither do they have a proper kitchen. They cook out in the open.

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