Talmu Boys

Dhananjay, age 14 Dhananjay grew up in Tripura, a small state ajoing Bangladesh. There was violence between the tribal people and the Bengalis. Dhanjay's family belonged to the tribals. He had to leave his family, who were very poor, because of the ethnic violence. Although his parents are still alive, they didn't feel he would be safe so they sent him sto study so he could have his own career. He likes to study English and play soccer. He is very good at playing the murdanga (drums). He is very disciplined, obedient, and helps others although sometimes teases others. On occasion he a little dominating, controlling others because he has strength.
Ghanashyam Dev, DOB: April 3, 1987 Ghanashyam Dev was born in the Purulia District. He has 2 younger brothers. His father died and as they were very poor, his mother couldn't take care of 3 kids. He was the eldest, so mother sent him to become educated. He has already passed his class 10 Board exam after class 10 and is preparing for the class 12 exam. His favorite subject is history. He likes soccer, singing songs and playing instruments. He is very accomodating, cooperative and takes care of others. He would like to be a history teacher.
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Kailash Dev, DOB: Feb. 1, 1994 Kailesh Dev is an orphan. His parents died when he was an infant. He doesn't know what happened to them. He is the middle brother of three brothers. His Uncle was taking care of him. He likes to study Bengali, play cricket and garden (vegetables). He is the farmer. He takes care of the younger kids and is very respectful to elders. He is not as focused on academics as some of the boys and would like to be a monk.
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Rabi Dev, DOB: April 1, 1995 Ravi Dev's parents died while he was infant and his uncle brought to the home. He is very bright. He is first in class. He likes to study English and sing songs. He doesn't like sports. He fixes everything that is broken and helps other kids. He wants to be a business man, selling mechanical and electronic goods because that will bring more money.
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Rahul Dev, DOB: May 2, 1995 Rahul Dev's mother is still alive, but his father died. He has a big family - 4 younger brothers, 2 elder brothers, 2 elder sisters, for a total of 9. He's second in the his class. He likes soccer, studying geography and playing the harmonium. He has a cooperative nature and wants to become a monk.
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Ranjit Dev, DOB: Dec. 12, 1995 Ranjit Dev's father died but his mother is still alive. He has an older sister and ayounger brother. When he was young went to one of our school's, and his teacher brought him to one of our homes. In the countryside where he was born. Darjeeling district (Siliguri in this district). He likes soccer, and studying science. He is not good at music, but good at drawing. The two younger boys quarrel and try to get more attention from Dada. He would like to be a science teacher.
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Sahadev Dev, April 3, 1993 Sahadev Dev's parents are still alive. He has 2 brothers. He father is so poor that he can't afford to feed them. He is not so good in studies, but is very cooperative in the agriculture field and he likes games and sports, and drawing and studying science. His nature and conduct are good. He wants to be a monk in order to serve humanity.
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Anadi Dev, DOB: July 2, 1995 Anadi Dev's parents were separated and his father had a quarrel with his mother and ran away. He has an elder sister and a younger brother, Two of our monks met his uncle, who said his family situation was bad so he joined our home. He likes to study English, sing and draw. He is very neat and tidy and likes to maintain cleanliness. Sometimes he is naughty but most of the time he is accommodating. He would like to become a monk.
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Sudhangshu Dev, DOB: March 15, 1987 His parents are still alive, but they are too poor to take care of him. He is the eldest of three brothers. His favorite subject is English and he likes volleyball. He is the eldest in the home, so he is like a big brother, taking care of all. He helps the younger ones in their studies and tries to maintain discipline when Dada is absent. He wants to be an English professor at a college.
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