About Us
The Neo-Humanistic Society, a spiritual and social service organization, promotes a new humanistic (neo-humanistic) and universal outlook which leads to spiritual fulfillment and universal welfare. Our objective is to help individuals achieve their highest potential and to work towards a society in which the physical, mental and spiritual needs of everyone can be fulfilled.

It is difficult for an individual to devote themselves to the practices which lead to spiritual fulfillment, if their basic needs are not met. To this end, we are involved in many social service projects. We raise funds for projects that include disaster relief, children's education and children's homes for orphans, programs that promote the economic self-sufficiency of women, and medical clinics and hospitals. The revolutionary theories of Innovative thinker P.R. Sarkar, from whom the neo-humanistic philisophy originates, not only provide the means for individual revolution, but contain the blueprint for creating an exploitation-free society where everyone is guaranteed the minimum necessities of life. The philosophy also promotes neo-humanism, that is, extending the spirit of humanism to everything, animate or inanimate in this universe.

The Neo-Humanistic Society, a nonprofit, Colorado corporation, is organized as a church (tax exempt). Our organization is run solely by unpaid volunteers.

We have volunteers in locations across the United States as well as around the world. For information about our spiritual practices you can visit our yoga and meditation website.

The Neo-Humanistic Society, 830 Pismo Court, San Diego, CA 92109 1-888-300-7561
Email: icanhelp@neohumanisticsociety.org
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