Ciara Dooley helps teach English

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Dooley Family going to India in January 2009
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For the last four years Mahadevii and Jyotisha's home-schooled children (Nadya, age 11, Ciara, age 12, Brennan, age 14) have spent their Christmas holidays in India. Part of that time was spent teaching English to poor children. Schools in India lack manipulatives, hands-on activities, and even basic supplies that are considered the bare minimum in American schools.

Two years ago the Dooley children decided they want to do something more to help their overseas brothers and sisters, and make their education more fun. They designed a hands-on science program to teach concepts of chemistry, physics, mechanics and basic science. They shared this program with around 100 students at various schools at Ananda Nagar.

Once again the Dooley children are going to India. Donations for schools, children's home and medical projects are much appreciated.

The Dooley family plans to pay for all actual expenses incurred in conjunction with this trip. Your donations will go directly to help make a difference in the quality of education and quality of life of these children.

Dooley Family, along with the rest of the Sandy LEGO Beachbots, promote Neo-Humanism at the FIRST World Festival in Atlanta, Georgia

For the last six years the Dooley Family has been participating in FIRST LEGO League, an educational program for children that combines a robotic challenge with a research project. This year the research project is on Climate Change. The Dooley family is taking the opportunity to share their neo-humanistic philosophy by promoting eating less meat as solution to global warming. The meat industry contributes more to global warming than the transportation industry. By eating less meat greenhouse gases will be reduced, your health will be improved, world hunger can be alleviated, the environment can be preserved, and more water will be available.

The Neo-Humanistic Society, 830 Pismo Court, San Diego, CA 92109 1-888-300-7561
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