Kaoshiiki Boys
Prasenjit Dev
Prasenjit Dev, DOB: April 20, 1994 Prasenjit Dev, from Tripura, must have been part of an ethnic conflict. He can't remember his parents. He was brought to our home by an elder sister. He was living in a refugee camp. Some ethnic clans don't take care of their kids. He has an elder brother, elder sister, and a younger sister. His younger sister is at our girls' home in Uma Nivas. He likes to study English, play cricket. play the harmonium and sing. He is sweet natured and has leadership qualities. He wants to become a doctor.
Arpan Dev, DOB: February 2, 1992 Arpan Dev's parents were living when he came to our home, but he he has had no communications from them and can't say if they are still alive. His father was a weaver and didn't make much money and couldn't take care of the family. He has one brother and one elder sister. He loves playing cricket, drawing and likes studying English. He is calm, quiet, obedient, disciplined and helpful. He wants to be a monk.
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Prashanta Dev, DOB: Nov. 13, 1992 Prashanta Dev also came from a refugee camp. He cannot recall anything about family background. He likes math, playing cricket and singing songs. He's quiet, calm, very obedient, and sincere in his studies. He wants to become a monk.
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Hari Dev, DOB: April 1, 1995 Hari Dev's father was a farmer, who died. His mother was alive when he left home. He has an elder sister and an elder brother. He also was in a refugee camp. His favorite subject is life science. He loves singing and gardening (both vegetable and flower). He is a strong boy, studies constantly and is a good cook. He wants to become a monk.
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Samarjit Dev, DOB: May 2, 1995 Samarjit Dev is an orphan. His father was a woodcutter and one day when he went to cut wood he slipped and fell which led to his death. His mother was sick and also died. He has two elder sisters and one younger sister. He loves soccer and singing. His voice is very nice and he won a prize in a singing compeition.
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