Haripriya with orphan at Simurali

Radha with home children at Alipooduar

Art Class at Ranaghat School
The Neo-Humanistic Society, in cooperation with our partner NGOs, works to provide education, medical care, food and a healthy and loving environment for as many poor children as we can. Our volunteers work around the clock with their heart and soul for thousands of children. We also promote the Neo-Humanistic philosophy of P.R. Sarkar,that is, extending the spirit of humanism to everything, animate or inanimate in this universe. With your help, we can serve more.

Take a look at our sponsored projects:
1) Children's Homes at Ananda Nagar
2) Other Children's Homes
3) Pratyanta (Remote Area) Schools at Ananda Nagar
4) Other Schools

News From the Field

In recent months we've helped

1) arrange sponsorships for twelve children and three schools
2) repair two roofs
3) provide additional electricity in two buildings
4) complete one classroom
5) provide a handpump at one school
6) deepen a borehole at one school
7) finish plastering a 2nd floor at one school
8) provide fans, security doors, shutters, desks and benches where needed at three schools

The Neo-Humanistic Society, 830 Pismo Court, San Diego, CA 92109 1-888-300-7561
Email: icanhelp@neohumanisticsociety.org
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